Photovoltaic Systems

LUMA Energia specializes in the construction of customized photovoltaic systems. Starting from the customer’s needs and the feasibility study, LUMA Energia takes care of everything necessary from design to commissioning.

Types of Investment

  • Standard

    LUMA Energia designs and builds the system and the customer can choose to pay in installments.

  • ESCo

    LUMA Energia designs, builds and manages the plant for the entire duration of the contract, receiving remuneration linked to the electricity produced and self-consumed by the customer. At the end of the contract the customer becomes the owner of the system.

  • Project Financing

    Project Financing is a Public-Private Partnership formula governed by paragraph 15 of art. 183 of the Code of public contracts (Legislative Decree 50/2016) and allows private operators to propose and carry out investments of public interest and obtaining a concession for the built property for a time sufficient to guarantee its economic and financial sustainability.


  • Eco and Sisma Bonus

    Introduced in 2018, it allows individuals (individuals, partnerships, individual entrepreneurs, professionals) and companies (joint stock companies and entities) to deduct part of the expenses incurred from the IRPEF or IRES December 2021, for static safety measures and energy efficiency of homes and buildings for production purposes located in areas with high seismic hazard.

  • Others

    LUMA Energia adheres to all the major incentives issued by the State to ensure the amortization of costs and the completion of the work in the shortest possible time.

Photovoltaic Systems

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