Building Efficiency

From the inspection to the customized offer for improving the safety and energy efficiency of the condominium and making it safer, more sustainable and increasing its overall value. You can take advantage of the tax incentives provided by law and the assignment of credit to increase the efficiency of your property immediately


  • Thermal Coat

    External insulation is a technique for thermal insulation of the walls of a building that consists of a series of insulating layers capable of guaranteeing complete insulation, both thermal and acoustic.

  • Condensing Boiler

    With this technology it's possible to recover the thermal energy contained in the exhaust fumes to heat the water in the heating system with the combustion of methane gas, reducing costs and emissions.

  • Heat Pump

    The Heat Pump is a device for heating the water of the thermal system through the use of electricity to absorb heat from a low temperature source such as outdoor air or hot water.

  • Photovoltaic system and Solar Panels

    Installation of photovoltaic systems that use solar energy to produce electricity, allowing you to save on your bills thanks to self-consumption, for more information go to the section Photovoltaic systems .


  • Eco and Sisma Bonus

    Introduced in 2018, it allows individuals (individuals, partnerships, individual entrepreneurs, professionals) and companies (joint stock companies and entities) to deduct part of the expenses incurred from IRPEF or IRES, from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2021, for static safety measures and energy efficiency of homes and buildings for production use located in areas with high seismic hazard.

  • Other Incentives

    LUMA Energia adheres to all the major incentives issued by the State to ensure the amortization of costs and the completion of the work in the shortest possible time.

Building Efficiency

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